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Sensitive meets simple at the point-of-need. More than ever before, today’s world demands an accurate, highly sensitive, yet simple to use biomarker diagnostics platform. QDTI uses quantum sensing technology to deliver simple, rapid and broadly accessible diagnostics to accelerate biomedical research, drug discovery & development and diagnostic testing.




ANALYTICAL sensitivity





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Harnessing the power of quantum

New quantum technologies are coming online at an accelerated pace after years of intensive research.

Powered by the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, these systems will revolutionize the ways we process and transmit information, allowing us to develop faster and more precise measurements about the world around us. Based on world-leading research at Harvard University, QDTI is exploiting quantum systems engineered into diamond crystals – called nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers. These NV centers are the engine that will power our novel approach to biomolecule detection.

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The technology behind
the QDTI platform

NV centers are tiny defects in the diamond crystal whose electronic states measure the local environment with very high sensitivity and spatial resolution. 

To make the imaging platform, QDTI uses billions of NV centers just below the surface of a synthetic diamond sensor. The quantum-doped sensor can rapidly image magnetic fields from objects as small as a few nanometers. The NV imager acts like a magnetic microscope – making detailed images of magnetic fields instead of light – with unrivaled sensitivity and throughput.

QDTI is leveraging this versatile NV magnetic imaging technology to create a novel, ultrasensitive biomarker detection and diagnostics platform. 

Our product

Magnetic-based Immunoassay Detection

Overcoming the challenges of optical background in biological samples. QDTI's all-magnetic approach solves the key limitations with current state-of-the-art optical detection-based technologies for biomarkers, including: long time to results; cumbersome, extensive sample washing; and, significant environmental, resource and financial costs.

The QDTI imaging platform – using magnetic tags – enables an inexpensive, more reliable, more flexible way to achieve a high-performance biomarker detection. This new capability will allow rapid targeting of biomarkers in the most critical areas of healthcare need including neurology, cardiovascular, immuno-oncology, inflammation-related disorders and infectious diseases.

The QDTI magnetic detection approach improves identification of multiple types of biomarkers – proteins, nucleic acids, cells – and will impact all phases of biomedical research and patient care.

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Ultrasensitive Detection

The QDTI system uses quantum mechanics to enable ultrasensitive detection of biomarkers. From a benchtop instrument to a point-of-care device, QDTI will provide ultrasensitive detection that will impact biomedical research, clinical development, and patient health.

Minimal Sample Input

10 – 100x less sample volume. Removing the need for repeated washing of samples, there is minimal material loss. The QDTI diagnostic protocol requires only 5µL of sample to perform the assay – a critical benefit when sample availability is limited.

Ultra Simple Sample Preparation

90% less user time. The QDTI magnetic-based assay requires minimal sample processing. Existing systems involve numerous steps, requiring substantial user time before the test can be performed. The QDTI approach requires 90% less hands-on time.

Flexibility in Biomarker Targets – Multimodal

QDTI is building a flexible system from the start. Users can use the QDTI technology platform to build assays for their own drug discovery, companion diagnostics, or other application needs. In addition to proteins, the QDTI system can detect nucleic acids and cells – all on the same detection platform.

Rapid time-to-result

10x reduction in sample processing time. A simple process promotes a quick transition from sample receipt to actionable results. The QDTI approach provides a 10x reduction of sample processing time, allowing more time on valuable research and drug discovery-development efforts. Immediate action can be taken in patient settings without the need to wait for test results.


90% fewer solvents and plastic consumables. A simple platform also creates an environmentally friendly platform. The QDTI approach uses at least 90% fewer solvents and plastic consumables - generating less biohazardous waste from testing – highlighting our commitment to a clean and sustainable future.

Inquire about the platform, assay development or
partnership opportunities

Interested in ‘test-driving’ our quantum-powered detection instrument? Please let us know your simple testing needs and we will be excited to discuss potential collaboration!

We are also always on the lookout for bright, resourceful, energetic team members as our company is growing. Please reach out to us if you would like to join a dynamic, engaging team looking to change the diagnostics landscape by combining quantum physics + biological technologies!


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